They’ll spend all day washing their hands whilst singing happy birthday Yes I’m a gymnast yes I am stronger than you shirt. That’s if any sheep send their children to school, which I very much doubt! Prepare yourselves for the second peak folks. And that was rehearsed and pre-recorded. Imagine how entertaining it would have been if he winged it. It was like he winged it because there was no direction or substance to it. Speaking of school you obviously didn’t do very well as you don’t seem to have the ability to listen. To be honest, I really don’t care about the economy because it’s not worth anyone’s death. It’s really that simple. Stop twisting what I said. I said I didn’t care about the economy and it’s not worth any deaths. You’ve just contradicted yourself with your own arguments.

Yes I’m a gymnast yes I am stronger than you shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt


Ladies tee

Best Yes I’m a gymnast yes I am stronger than you shirt

To be fair judging on the behaviour and attitude of a high Yes I’m a gymnast yes I am stronger than you shirt of adults the children will easily be able to put everyone to Shame with their ability and understanding of social distancing. New outbreak reported in Wuhan and they have gone into lockdown again this morning. You can’t just not care about the economy. Yes lives matter more than anything but people have to work a to eat and to pay taxes which then pay for furlough, the NHS, nurses, teachers, pensions, and so on.

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  1. Deanna Groves (verified owner)

    Price quoted was not the same at the end of the transaction. No Idea why it was more expensive at checkout and I never noticed until the goods arrived….too late by that time. ??????

  2. Katharina Fischer (verified owner)

    Great t shirts me and my friend will be wearing them when we go to France on our fishing trip

  3. Doug Horton (verified owner)

    Delivery was in good time so I have no faults to report on this at all. Lovely tee shirt for the money!

  4. Doug Horton (verified owner)

    I do see you’ve contacted Support regarding this concern, and we have been waiting for your response as we’ve requested additional information from you.

  5. Marci Chmielewski (verified owner)

    Appaulling quality and shocking customer service. Been trying to return. Reported to trading standard

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