And to note that at those times Wuhan kung flu world tour 2020 shirt, the only active cases counted to with 10 reported deaths. With the existence of said circumstances, to include self isolation, curfew and social distancing, now the number of active cases exploded to 600 with 39 deaths. Food packs are brought house to house by the local authorities so as to alleviate the needs of those who had stopped working since the lockdown or enhanced community quarantine and lost their livelihoods or found no means of income. So we are appalled that we see here in UK that they still allow people to commute in a jampacked train.despite of the announcement of some of the preventive measures against COVID-19. May God save us all. Please pray with us for ALL of us for the ultimate deliverance from this very woeful situation.

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They have to stop the public transport it is a disaster waiting to happen if it hasn’t happened already Wuhan kung flu world tour 2020 shirt. This period is critical. God save us all. My grandson was informed on Sunday that anyone who travelled on public transport to stay away from work, they were already down to working 1 week in 3 seeing as he is in London I was pleased about this, but he is now isolated in a shared house. Khan cut the tubes to Saturday hours resulting in overcrowded tubes resulting in staff getting the virus. Resulting in shortage of staff.

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