My first grandson will be born in some weeks in Washington D.C. I was supposed to be there for Wonder WHO Nurse shirt his birth, I was heartbroken when I realised that will not be possible, now I just pray and hope for him and my daughter to be safe and healthy. This pandemic is creating so many problems on so many levels. I hope everything goes well. We are in the same position, baby due in 3 weeks, my daughters first grandchild we will miss the early weeks cuddles. Much love to you and those helping you. Take care of yourself.

Wonder WHO Nurse shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt

Wonder WHO Nurse Hoodie


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Good luck to you and your family Wonder WHO Nurse shirt. Great this gentleman can help by bringing your precious milk up to the hospital. Well done you, to keep expressing. He should be tested for the coronavirus.if negative Mum could continue visiting her Little daughter. Do you mind friendship, I don’t want to rude to send you a request without your permission if you don’t mind kindly send me a friend request I’ll be looking forward to that. Such beautiful gestures gives us hope. Wonderful story, there are some really good people out there.

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  1. Dianne Turner (verified owner)

    Delivery was in good time so I have no faults to report on this at all. Lovely tee shirt for the money!

  2. Tonya Coward (verified owner)

    The T-shirt was really poor quality for the price of £21, and also was just too small. They refused to refund because this is supposed to be a ‘tailored-made’ t-shirt, what a joke!

  3. Wendy Tronka (verified owner)

    Five star treatment is what I received. A freshly printed T! Am so in love with it

  4. Kathy Tye (verified owner)

    For anything we can help you with regarding your order, please be sure to contact us via [email protected]. We’ll do our best to help.

  5. Pat Johnson (verified owner)

    Five star treatment is what I received. A freshly printed T! Am so in love with it

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