He broke them and will get away with Wish you were beer shirt. Total farce. No integrity in the system. No confidence in politics. The public voted in a circus act, now we all suffer the killer clowns. We been doing our part. As usual Politicians or their advisers don’t do theirs. I agree about moving on lots of other problems to sort out. Even if he is in breach of the rules, the police had no right to talk to the press about this before speaking to him about this. Load of shite it was breach of the rule, if it was any of us we would have been fined. Then fine him like you would anyone else and move on. We are in the middle of a global crisis people need to get a grip and put their efforts into what is important.

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If there he has done nothing wrong then Wish you were beer shirt are the government not refunding the people who got fined for doing the same thing. BBC get it right dominic Cummings has not broken any rules Durham constabulary have said no action no fine given to dominic Cummings as he never actually broke any law and another point why dont you tell the whole truth that remainers have screwed up as it written into law 31st of December is when transition finishes and EU and UK signed an agreement that no extension beyond.

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  1. Doug Horton (verified owner)

    Brilliant service, email receipt of order and updates on where my order was, only took a week to arrive. Tee shirt great quality size spot on, fab design. ??

  2. Joanie Berney (verified owner)

    I came across their ad on Facebook. A bit on the expensive side but the shirt quality and the graphics look good. The real test will be how well it wears from wearing it and washing it. Time will tell as they say.

  3. Sara Broetje (verified owner)

    Not yet received! Arrived 3 days later all OK,

  4. Shelley Hundal (verified owner)

    Delivery was in good time so I have no faults to report on this at all. Lovely tee shirt for the money!

  5. Kathy Tye (verified owner)

    Five star treatment is what I received. A freshly printed T! Am so in love with it

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