The reality is that there needs to be a severe reduction in immigration Wine sisters forever shirt and a massive investment in infrastructure. Then a conversation can be had about building up with modern, green, superstructures, that have garden terraces, gyms, markets, etc all located within one complex. No it doesn’t equate to racism and this points based system works very well to accommodate a fair, sustainable policy on immigration. I can’t understand the pushback. Immigration is what is driving our population growth, Native Britians stalled our population growth years ago, due to Education, mostly, about contrceptives and a lack of religous fevor to have massive families.

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And what about all the children they’ve had Wine sisters forever shirt. Do you think they’re living in tents. Obviously it makes a massive difference to housing and infrastructure. Almost all developed countries have a points system and most of them don’t have as dense a population as we do. The Tories need to plough through and ignore the naysayers. It makes you wonder where we might have been had they not won a majority and we were stuck with another hung parliament. Unfortunately an enormous amount of immigrants don’t.

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