Children don’t want to hear the truth. They want to be raised on false hope and promises Wine Driveway drinker shirt. Just like Obama provided for 8 years. It would be wonderful if we could all hear his speech Can’t possibly love this enough. It would be perfect. I believe the world would tune in. It was great to hear Michelle Obama on the one world broadcast. Please look at the positive remarks and ignore the negative ones. People have the right to their opinions but it doesn’t mean we have to let it effect our decisions. Do you remember sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. I say words will never stop me. If you can speak to our nation please do many will appreciate it.

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Would love to have this happen and for all the major TV stations to air Wine Driveway drinker shirt. He should give a virtual commencement speech to all high school seniors and college graduate. It would be the best gift ever for class of 2020. I graduated in 2009 but would absolutely love this, the class of 2020 needs this but I think the country needs it too. Can he listen to this kid and do what he/she is asking I think majority of kids in this country and the world at large truly need a message of hope in such a time.

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    Offered a Tshirt with a different martial art on it and were able to change the text wo that O wanted. Really impressed they could do that for me

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