The info in the body of the article is directly contradicted by the graphics at the We will skate again shirt. The research doesn’t suggest that at all, there is some but limited evidence to suggest it may shorten time in hospital/ Covid recovery and on ICU for a small number of patients. The research in no way suggests it is a lifesaving drug for Covid patients. There’s also evidence to suggest it does absolutely nothing and in one patients has a negative effect on recovery. This drug is already widely available for other treatments so it hasn’t just been found and this research with variable results has been ongoing for months.

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That’s a steroid we give to terminally I’ll cancer patients We will skate again shirt. You don’t really want to be on that long. And American manufacturers of this cheap drug will reband and repackage it to reflect the new use. Introduce it as a new drug, while their sales reps push it to their medical clients to prescribe. Drive the price up 10 times the price of the already available generic. They did it with Prozac/fluoxetine when Sarafem was released years later. These drug companies know how to prey on any new opportunity.

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