We use Westside high school alumni shirt of our arable land to raise livestock and their feed, causing deforestation, mass extinction, and climate change. We feed 90% of all antibiotics to livestock because of the horrendous conditions they’re forced to live in, which causes superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics. Many of our pandemicsbird flu, swine flu, mad cow, AIDS, Spanish flu, and now Covid-19—are passed to humans because of our obsession with meat. And of course, our meat-heavy diets cause many more deaths than any pandemic, from heart disease, diabetes, cancer and high cholesterol. Our need to eat crazy amounts of animals are leading to millions of human deaths and billions of animal deaths every year. But we’re angry with China because this pandemic has killed several thousand people so far.

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Plastic waste comes from east Asia so western countries can use Westside high school alumni shirt. Here’s my post to Jo, again: Do you think animals in Western countries live idyllic lives? Baby male chicks are ground up alive to make pet food. Hens are kept in battery cages to lay eggs, then slaughtered at a young age when their egg production slows. Dairy cows are forcibly impregnated, have their calves taken from them right after birth, and their male calves are force-fed milk replacements and slaughtered for veal.

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