Not everyone in a prison is guilty of a Wear the mask Dachshund shirt, some are prison officers, medical staff etc, some are on remand awaiting trial and a few no idea how many wrongfully convicted. I think the point is that overcrowded conditions put everyone there at risk, and therefore, indirectly, the rest of us. But sure let them all stew eh. Might as well just gas now, eh Linda. Funny thing is people who would ‘never commit a crime’ and flout the rules might soon find themselves in prison. kill all them too. Anyone would think I was the only one go voice that opinion and I am not. For gods sake what is the problem with someone having an opinion.

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That doesn’t mean it’s a license to do everything Wear the mask Dachshund shirt to them. The sunflower plant contains hormones called auxins. These hormones are sensitive to sunlight.Therefore, they migrate from the part of the plant exopsed to sunlight to the shadow region in the stem. Once there, the auxins which are essentially growth hormones stimulate the growth of cells. This causes the stem to become bulkier in the shaded region, so the flower ends up bending in the opposite direction towards the Sun.

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    Five star treatment is what I received. A freshly printed T! Am so in love with it

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    Easy to order and delivered within a few days – ready for my husbands fishing trip in France

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    Bought t shirt for my daughter , she loves it , arrived early too. well done

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    Great looking T-shirt I would order the bigger size than normal.

  5. James Olson (verified owner)

    With your cooperation and understanding, we will certainly do our best to help find a solution for you.

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    Very quick and reliable, will purchase again from them.

  7. Sara howe (verified owner)

    Poor quality of t shirt and poor quality of picture printing for the cost I did expect a lot better for my money

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    Have just received my replacement tee shirt…. it fits perfect and will love wearing it.all I can say is Thankyou to you for a great after sales service… regards Gloria xx

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    Product was excellent quality and arrived early, in very good quality packaging

  10. Doug Horton (verified owner)

    As all all our products are made to order and cannot be resold, we do require an extra step from you so that we can understand what went wrong with your order.

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