Plenty of scientists have been very successfully Wash your hands shirt. A spouse is a great thing to have. As with all other driven people of every profession, the spouse has to understand what the time commitments are, and here honesty is the only real policy. If you don’t have time for a girlfriend, then you don’t have time for a girlfriend, plain and simple. There’s just no general advice I can give. If you meet somebody, great. The two of you will have to figure out how to parcel out your time based on what you both want out of life. If not, more time for research.

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Just always remember that she’s a person Wash your hands shirt, not an actor filling the girlfriend niche in your life. Having a relationship is something the two of you do jointly, not something you’re doing for her or that she’s doing for you. That can be a great thing, along many different dimensions, and if it happens, great. But don’t go looking for somebody to fill the niche, because it is doomed to waste both her time and your research effort.

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