We are all interconnected but only China is responsible for this Waker make eggs and bakey shirt and for killing thousands of people all over the world. The next pandemic will probably erupt from somewhere else. It’s quite predictable and will sweep around the globe thanks to air travel. Zika virus, Avian flu, swine flu and SARS were all warnings we chose to ignore. The more humans there are the greater is the pool for viruses to evolve in. The more we travel around the greater the danger of pandemic becomes. At this point by pointing out this info how is this beneficial to the stopping of the spreads of COVID-19. Should not the focus be centered on eradication not pointing out where it came from, unless it’s used in finding a vaccine or treatment.

Waker make eggs and bakey shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt

Waker make eggs and bakey Hoodie


Waker make eggs and bakey Ladies tee

Ladies tee

Best Waker make eggs and bakey shirt

In my opinion it is better if all countries shut the door for a Waker make eggs and bakey shirt. There is too much people going across borders and overwhelming cities. Globalisation was never sustainable. It was always too destructive to the environment and put pressure on health systems. The whole world must get into shutdown for one month all together at once. This is the shortcut to the solution. Sweden are on Lockdown but this doesn’t apply to Cafes sitting in Bars sitting in or Communal groups. Good luck with that.

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