There’s no change without violent protests. Who is her I could understand Wado W Kistah Maha shirt if people set politician’s cars or houses on fire, but I don’t see the point in destroy other people’s cars. And that thing you call collateral damage is totally evitable. It’s easy don’t set other people’s cars on fire. The other firefighters watching their buddies set themselves on fire. Here in our country, police and firefighters have the same salary and benefits hope the french firemen get the recognition and rewards they deserve for being our modern day heroes. I’m French, and to be honest, I think the political government went way too far.

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For over a year now I’ve seen video’s of the french police beating up on Wado W Kistah Maha shirt, with severe wounds and loss of eyesight, among others, as a result. The protestors might not all be saints, but if this if Macrons way of dealing with them, he’s no better than the next dictator and unworthy of being head of a nation. With all those protestors throwing acid, rocks, fire to cops. Injuring them threatening families. Those firefighter protestors for example injured 160 cops this day. So nothing to do with dictature, just violent protestors, and violence increasing. Cops protect and react, nothing more.

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