But that doesn’t need to be in a letter to all at ridiculous cost Vizsla dog hand wash shirt, it needs to be to businesses. Exactly it’s a Grey area like most other stuff. Can’t get into a car with someone you don’t live with. But you can get in a taxi with someone you don’t live with. You’ve just said it all ‘what happened to interpretation of the rules’. That’s exactly what people are doing, interpreting them. Rules and laws shouldn’t need to be interpreted. That’s everyone’s point. Workers can not speak up. Like I said unless it’s an order from the government then no one is entitled to the wage. If a worker decided not to go to work, then that’s their job gone, or unpaid leave. Neither viable to most people. Stay at home like all of us.

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Herd immunity was never on cards Vizsla dog hand wash shirt, the press got on it as it was mentioned and twisted it so much that people like you thought that was the plan. I can’t make sense of what you’re trying to say. Have you heard of full stops. We use them in English. Try it now. Don’t forget us retail keyworkers who the government don’t give a toss about normally are not keeping the economy afloat. We will soon go back to being the lowest of the low and be ‘two a penny’ and companies know this. So to say these workers should speak up is churlish.

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