I feel your embarrassment Americans Visit scenic Titan shirt, I know every time your president opens his mouth on your behalf representing the American people, you all feel like dying and asking the earth to just swallow you whole. Don’t worry the world gets it just be clever during your next elections and we will not laugh at you. Why is it that when ever this tool reads from something he always sounds bored and his voice just drones on. He’s on heavy duty drugs, primarily adderal with a dash of cocaine to keep him awake.

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I think he should be thinking of his own people first and foremost, don’t think he’s in the real world Visit scenic Titan shirt. His overuse of superlatives renders any message devoid of substance. So many words, so little sense. This is the most awesome, super, fantastic, amazing comment I’ve heard. Those words are what his supporters understand. I’d like to totally appreciate your amazing, tremendous and great comment. Great, great comment, really great. I know about comments, maybe more than anyone.

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