Been able to pick up clothes whilst doing supermarket shop from day Vintage You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone shirt without any of this don’t touch if not buying nonsense and no one bothered. If clothing shops think they’re going to operate on that basis then good luck with it. There’s a big difference between encouraging not touching and people taking the mick. If you’re picking shoes for your daughter then I get you want to try them on but you don’t need to pick up and put down 10 pairs. Or your kid picks up a toy they want, runs round the shop with it then you don’t buy it. That should be stopped where possible. I was in aintree marks and sparks Friday the people were all handling the clothes on the rails no one bat an eyelid.

Vintage You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt


Ladies tee

Best Vintage You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone shirt

Yep what’s your point stalker Vintage You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone shirt, I have a medical condition it’s not uncommon for me to feel like that and before you say it no I’m not supposed to be shielding or more vulnerable to the virus. I’m optimistic that things are getting better and It’s really good that shops are reopening. The figures show that only 1 in 1700 people have the virus now. If you are worried that you are going to meet that 1 person please stay inside and don’t go out but I believe that I am safe in the shops and I go to the supermarket once every week. I will be just as confident going to ‘non essential’ shops when they open on Monday.

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    I’ve had a look at your order and I can confirm it was shipped out on time, and so we expect it to arrive by the estimated delivery date we’ve stated in your confirmation email.

  2. Denver Ashmun (verified owner)

    Very good service very pleased with product would recommend this product

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    Didn’t deliver in timescale advised, when I chased the order it hadn’t been printed but they didn’t inform me of delay.

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    On top of this, they do not send VAT invoice, any invoice with the order so I suspect they are selling it illegally.

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    To assist you with this, a member of our Support Team will follow up with you today. Be assured we’ll do our best to find a solution for you.

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