Still questionable why they live in such close conditions Vintage William Shakes Pear shirt, have so many cases yet a relatively low death rate as a result compared to here. Would it be a sensible idea to prohibit entry to our country from this area. Just a little idea New Zealand implemented with considerable success. I doubt if these people observe social distancing and all the measures laid down by their government. This does not surprise me. They have no registration of births/deaths in all areas so have no real idea of population, so how will you ever know who is ill or how many have died. They live in very small homes with large families. If it has had a big effect on BAME families here in the UK, it is bound to be huge in India too.

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This continues like a Vintage William Shakes Pear shirt. Not the same, but some similarities. I hope it stops next month. Early lockdown went well assuming will save lives. After several lockdowns many conclude what use with just life when there is nothing to eat. The whole world needs to be united and close together during the next pandemic. Everyone going at it alone like now is wrong. Seems a lot but it’s being claimed the same number have died in the UK.

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