That’s what I’ve been saying for years about how they treat these poor animals Vintage Unicorn Mamacorn shirt, but apparently it’s xenophobic. Yet if someone pointed the finger at me for our country fox hunting or badger culling, I’d completely agree with them the government’s in charge allowing these practices to happen need to be brought to book, ours included. Forget it, its not going to happen. Our government for instance, needs china to buy our raw materials. Can’t disagree but these animals are tortured, burnt alive, beaten, boiled alive.

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That’s what needs to be stopped Vintage Unicorn Mamacorn shirt I don’t know how to compare it to eating farmed animals that have welfare standards. This is so called where these viruses come from that alone should be enough to get it stopped. We’re never going to stop all the troubles, financial greed will always bring issues. This is a window to change a area that so desperately needs change. Mother Nature will always win. Not just wildlife trade. We need to look at how we treat animals in the developed world as well.

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  1. Rose Evert (verified owner)

    Good service quality tee shirt would recommend this company

  2. Doug Horton (verified owner)

    Lovely motif on this tee and it washes beautifully also. The tee itself is a little lighter weight than most of my tees but it is well made and so I hope it will last well.

  3. Denver Ashmun (verified owner)

    I’m very sorry to hear that you had not received your package yet.

  4. Marci Chmielewski (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff, no problem! Fabulous t shirt. Great design.

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