They already searched him, they even had Vintage Pew pew madafakas shirt. He was a drunken guy acting silly like most drunks do. He did not deserve to be killed. Are white people not human. No one should be killed in that way. Dillon killed all those black people after shooting up a church. You know what he got. Bullet proof vest and a trip to burger king. He is a white guy. Dear African Americans some of you believe you can break the laws you can’t so for your safety and the safety of others obey the laws in this country because if you want to live in lawless lands go to please be safe. All shootings are homicide, the question becomes was it justified. In this case, no easy answers.

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The police tried to stop him if they let Vintage Pew pew madafakas shirt and he got back behind the wheel and killed someone then the cops would be blamed for that. The man was shot twice in the back which indicates he was running away I don’t understand how he was deemed a threat. True, if they let him go then impound the car. I think the guy had more to worry about than the DUI charge, and thus ran away.

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