Been in China since November people traveled all around the world carrying Vintage My patronus is a Pitbull shirt. So I’d imagine so. Chest infection ended up being taken to hospital on oxygen iv antibiotics and oral antibiotics was Ill for weeks but now very well just celebrated her 90th birthday. A few of the family was very poorly after has well so I’m convinced she had it then. Mandating a face mask in public after the peak has past is the equivalent of wearing a condom after sex. I was very sick mid January got sent to hospital with suspected pneumonia and sepsis. All the symptoms were covid and the cough lasted 4 weeks. However, they swabbed me for influenza and it was positive. Doctors said it was a very aggressive type and alot of people were getting sick with it.

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I would like to believe it was a false positive and was actually Vintage My patronus is a Pitbull shirt but I’m not sure that’s possible. I am convinced I had it end Nov beginning of Dec after returning from Spain, the cough lasted for weeks and could hardly breathe I went to Vegas and when I got home I felt so tired I started with a cough back ache and I had to sleep sitting up I contacted dr and she said there was no sign of a chest infection but it hurt to breath I lost my sense of taste and smell I felt so ill I was to scared to sleep got a course of antibiotics and didn’t do anything went back to dr and they checked my blood pressure and stat were very low gave me another course of antibiotics another week off work it was the worst feeling ever I’m convinced I had the covid infection.

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