In my entire life I have never seen such devastation to the economy Vintage papa bear shirt. There are so many people who will be unable to even provide a decent meal for their families. So sad There was a fire in America of the Amazon building. This fire was massive and took out what feels as Three blocks. Was this on BBC. No nothing. Facebook is getting more news than BBC. You can see things happen live on twitter and facebook. BBC nothing. Do these people think we have no intelligence or brains. Now please tell us something we could not work out for ourselves, with our tiny minds.

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I thought the idea for releasing coronavirus was to try and reset the economy Vintage papa bear shirt. Which is why we have stories like this to try and convince the public otherwise. Nowhere near as serious as the effects of climate change caused by unnecessary human activities. Restart it like you restart a monopoly game, Restart it Fair and square, equal opportunity, equal distribution of wealth, health and education. Because thats what Democrats and the left think supporting the economy is all about.

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