Yes my husband and I had the same symptoms Vintage lick my bowls shirt hacking cough, tiredness, no energy loss of appetite. Went to GP in the end told it was a virus and took antibiotics. Took ages to get back to feeling like us again Umm. It was here in Feb I was ill for 4 weeks, called 111 and they told me no way as I hadn’t been abroad. 99% sure this was covid. Lost sense of taste and smell, had a high temperature and a bad chesty cough that lasted ages. Couldn’t get out of bed for a few days as I was really weak. My daughter had all symptoms end of Jan, took her to hospital with as she had difficulty breathing.

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They said she has asthma gave inhaler and send home Vintage lick my bowls shirt. One month she was suffering and then it suddenly cleared and she havent cought once, even they said it will get worse in spring. I was ill all February and all my family cought it too. We had all the symptoms of covid. I had the symptoms in January and my Husband did. My daughter was in hospital with pneumonia as well. I genuinely think it was here November time. The number of deaths due to this eay higher, all the people that died of pneumonia ? in November Dec January February were probably misdiagnosed and actually had Covid 19.

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