Perhaps we should have a code of conduct for criminals to be held to that Vintage I just really like Doberman Pinscher ok shirt the same one that we expect of our police officers. Out on parole because of covid, for beating his children. Facts bbc lieing again. Rayshard, but a hurtling piece of lead is harder. Don’t commit crimes is the best advice, but poor old Rayshard didn’t learn. Don’t be like Rayshard. I fear the far left are awakening a far right beast which has been asleep for a long time. So the question I’m asking myself is is the shooting the only solution for the policemen to do. Just doing his job in this instance. Maybe the victim thought he could get away with what he attempted because of all the tip toeing police are now having to do.

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Simple stop breaking the law and the number of people shot by the police will surely go down Vintage I just really like Doberman Pinscher ok shirt. Umm race baiting headline. All police shootings in America are written as homicides. The literal definition of Homicide is being killed by another person. But by all means burn the Wendy’s down. Wendy had nothing to do with it. Why will my fellow black men give police the opportunity to be killing them like chicken in America? Every white police guy sees every black man as a potential danger until proven otherwise. Please stop resisting arrests so as to avoid all these unnecessary deaths.

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