I agree with your sentiment Vintage Hockey best pucking dad ever shirt. But the sentence you would think these policemen were smart enough to refrain from implies that it’s ok for them to be racist along as they act clever and don’t get caught. I’m not sure if these were your intentions but wanted to make you aware this was how it was read. Don’t worry, this is the standard copy and paste rhetoric of the apologists and closet racists. Speaks loudly for how they’ve been pumped, ready for action. They’re not peaceful deterrents. It’s a display of power and ego. US military and law enforcement are forever applauded and thanked without any regard to the individuals moral compass.

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Best Vintage Hockey best pucking dad ever shirt

You wear the uniform you get the praise, you feel like a hero Vintage Hockey best pucking dad ever shirt, you assert the power you’re given however you see fit because you’ve been given the right through your exalted position in society, the cycle continues. Well the corruption goes right to the top, to the liar in chief. your system is rotten, and while there are good people in the police force in america, there are a lot that are not.

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  1. Wendy Tronka (verified owner)

    Bought for my 32yr old guitar crazy son who can by the way play good. Anyway he loved the T.shirt morteef was good and the material was good and it washed great. Will be getting more for xmas.

  2. Kathy Tye (verified owner)

    On the rare occasion when there’s a sizing error on our end, we’re happy to provide free replacement.

  3. Jeffrey Harrington (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery, good quality t-shirt really happy with the communication throughout the order process

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    Arrived swiftly and happy with purchase

  5. Wendy Tronka (verified owner)

    T shirt arrived on time fitted great and motif was what I loved about it

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