I was watching a lot of this livestreamed and the violence was clearly instigated by the police Vintage Happy camper shirt, it wasn’t until they started firing teargas and rubber/pepper bullets at people that the fires started. Watching the footage from all over the states there is a clear pattern of police forces ignoring looters and going after protesters. Land of the free indeed. The radical left has been looking for an excuse for violence since the day Trump took office, the have just used Floyd’s murder as an excuse for it. I’m all for protesting as an innocent man was murdered at the hands of some evil cops. But I will never condone looting, and destruction. Doing so only gives the other side fuel and to delegitimise legitimate grievances. It will only create deeper divides in the nation.

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Someone told me it’s wrong to loot stores because the stores didn’t do anything Vintage Happy camper shirt. Wrong. These corporate stores pump millions of dollars into the pockets of the congressmen who refuse to vote to raise the minimum wage, provide healthcare for all, and make education affordable. They keep people stuck in poverty and this affects minorities worse than anyone. So, while I don’t personally agree with looting, I’m not judging anyone and stores like Target and Walmart are far from innocent.

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  1. Kathy Tye (verified owner)

    Ordered as a gift it was well received ! size quality and print was perfect . Very Happy Birthday Girl !

  2. James Olson (verified owner)

    Very quick and reliable, will purchase again from them.

  3. Bethany howard (verified owner)

    Quality of material could be better for the price.

  4. Marjorie J Russow (verified owner)

    On top of this, they do not send VAT invoice, any invoice with the order so I suspect they are selling it illegally.

  5. Kathy Gordon (verified owner)

    Didn’t match up well with the product shown and took a VERY long time to get delivered.

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