It is literally part of the job of the BBC, as well as all media Vintage Feel safe at night sleep with a nurse shirt, to scrutinise what the govt is doing and highlight what is wrong. It’s not their job to praise the government like some sort of North Korean dictatorship. Don’t mistake criticism for lack of patriotism. It’s an absurd angle to take that criticising the government is wrong. They were told months ago by all sorts of people that that policy they were adopting with the app wouldn’t work. Apple and a google told them too. They were warned of that problems getting people to use the app if they went for a centralised database approach. Germany had made the same mistake weeks before and backtracked when they realised the mistake.

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Think it’s time you took your rose tinted glasses of and have a good look around Vintage Feel safe at night sleep with a nurse shirt. Government doesn’t need any help to look bad. In fact I think the journalists have had a hard time trying not to sound incredulous or exasperated. But the BBC are not for the people. Have not been for years. The British Broadcasting Corporations. I think they should leave out the word British. The country voted and the conservatives were elected. So they made the old pay for it with making them pay a license fee. They spread hate and turmoil and bend the truth. You can always see on there website there is no good reporting no one ever gets praised in government it’s just gutter press 90% of the country will tell you that they never believe the BBC. Just a corrupt corporation to the top.

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