Explains why certain mentality in US is so hard to change Vintage cats and tats shirt. You would think these policemen were smart enough to refrain from violent conduct so soon in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing, which was exactly the reason why the protests were held. They even went as far as shoving a vulnerable and weak old man onto the ground. What goes on in their heads. Absolutely no excuse for such behavior. The same people in this country who saying lock up the protesters and they shouldn’t break the law then are the same who stormed the government buildings armed to the teeth a couple of weeks ago because they couldn’t get a haircut during a deadly pandemic. The hypocrisy is astounding. Could you imagine if a group of BLM supporters even attempted an approach to a government building armed in that fashion.

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They would be mowed down before they got within one hundred yards Vintage cats and tats shirt. They’re being instructed to behave this way and they also know they will get away with it. In my home state they have let go of several national guard members because of social media posts saying things like, I can’t wait to start shooting these people tomorrow. There are countless videos from protesters showing police officers pulling down peoples masks and spraying them in the face with no provocation. Macing children. Mercilessly beating people. Arresting and attacking the media.

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