And I see yet again, people making harsh and unnecessary comments about a lovely little story Vintage baseball Jesus save shirt. Nice to see a positive story for a change and people go and pass all over it. A long long time ago my school diners weren’t that nice. However in more recent years the school diners at Mersey Drive in Whitefield were excellent. Bless him, as a school cook I get asked recipes too. I think it’s lovely the children enjoy the school dinners. I am a school cook and many parents have been asking me about some recipes we cook in school. I would love the recipe. You can’t put an article like this without printing the recipe too.

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My dad tried to make me cheese fondue once. He soaked bread in milk Vintage baseball Jesus save shirt and put cheese on top and grilled it. I ate it all the same. Soggy cheese on toast. I would rather they focused on the kids who won’t be getting hot meals everyday. This story I just middle class folly. You maybe a billionaire but there is always that cheap thing that matters a lot to your children. The schools here feed the kids rock hard chicken nuggets and burnt pizza lol.

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