I was watching him on something posted the other day Vespa bee its a way of life shirt where he was talking about his wife and how she was doing being a Covid patient and thought to myself, he looks terrible, like he’s sick too. Regardless of what news service anyone comes from no one should get an illness, best wishes to him and his family. Hoaxed, everything they told you is a lie. It’s a movie about fake news and really every single American citizens should watch this movie. Well his wife has it so it’s not a huge surprise! Praying for their recovery.

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Please stay at home unless you’re going to work or shopping for Vespa bee its a way of life shirt food or something essential to protect your family from illness. At this point I truly believe we are all going to be exposed to it, get it, or may have already had it without even knowing thinking it was the flu. And personally I don’t think they know much about this virus. It’s a give and go day by day. All I can say if we get it, I pray for complete healing and restoration for us all. May God keep us and protect us from sickness, hurt, harm, or danger. Be safe everyone.

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