It looks like it will be a while before the US police let go of that sense of superiority United States marines my oath never expires shirt. Don’t know how to break it to them if they haven’t yet noticed what’s happening, bless them. Suspended they should be fired. I don’t think US police actually know the level of professionalism they are supposed to have. The consequences for being bad at your job are never relative to your position or frankly the crime committed. Fired that is the right response. Too bad you don’t bother to show all the protest where police in solidarity with the protestors. That has been the norm. This not so much, but please continue to sow hate and division.

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The police and the instructions tools they have been given will not defuse the situation United States marines my oath never expires shirt. Imagine it like a conversation. Someone is saying their view. You shout at them and tell them to shut up and shove them. It is likely that they will respond in anger. Now the same situation but you are throwing tear gas and shooting rubber bullets which are pretty dangerous in their own right at them, and try to pretend that will defuse it. Antagonising the situation will not end it.

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