We are in lackdown for 10 days Unicorn I’m ready to teach kindergarten shirt, in The citys we have more public transport then before so People can keep distance from each other. They reduced service because so many of their drivers are in isolation. What can they do. Totally agree, they need more trains, the people who are travelling are key workers. The mayor needs to step in, and not ve scared of offending the unions, or let the government take over. That’s so far from the truth that it’s laughable. I’m no particular fan of Khan, but he cut the service because the staff aren’t there to run it. Do you know how many months it takes to train a driver, a signaller, a service controller. If the numbers available to work are depleted, so is the service. That’s not complicated, surely.

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Please wash your hands and wear a mask when social distancing is impossible Unicorn I’m ready to teach kindergarten shirt. Social distancing is impossible on the crowded trains and buses. Take good care and stay safe. This is insane. After soo many deaths, countries has been lock down. When these people gonna understand the crisis. Like this we are near to catastrophic this is catastrophe. London people this is not a trend that you should be proud. You get the virus, you stay home, end up in hospital or worst dead. Are you going to be buried with your job. Be wise, be safe and stay home.

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