Affordable homes that is. The is absolutely no point building houses that no one can afford to buy Unicorn hornhub shirt. Yes, and in a few years we’ll need 1 million more. On one hand, we should be proud that so many people choose to set up home in Britain but on the other, is this level of immigration sustainable. Of course developers prefer to sell higher value 3beds and more, and planners let them get away with too much corner cutting in size of pots, properties and quality of build. all these large dormitory estates popping out and destroying small towns will be in a very poor state. Nobody should be able to exploit ppls basic needs and get rich from our taxes or national borrowing.

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More homes to consume more resources Unicorn hornhub shirt, and to leave a much larger carbon footprint for the UK. I thought y’all were concerned with climate change. Social housing and Public services in general should of never of been allowed to of been outsourced to private enterprises. It should of been enshrined into law that public service’s remain publicly owned, a little like the United States ammendments giving protections to what is seen as important. Ok the United States have some bs ammendments but the uk could of should of enshrined it.

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