They’ve been reporting Uke Ukulele Ukulele Ukulele shirt else that’s been going on! That would’ve been great news, seeing the clash of Trump supporters trying to fight to see their fearless leader. There is no reason for this to have been covered up. People were there, stayed for the tailgate party , so to speak, and did not go inside, they felt it safer to go home. By the way, there was more than one entrance to the building. Go live somewhere else then. Because we’re taking back our country. Well if a tweet says it’s true it must be true lol. Tulsa Police reported peaceful protesting and took photos with the young people. Tulsa fire department reported 6200 in attendance.

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Tell me why you didnt click a single link from my post Uke Ukulele Ukulele Ukulele shirt. Also how did you not comprehend what I posted. Look how easy it is to change a narrative. You attempted do it right here. Now I posted links from people’s onsite footage. I know the facts dont fit the MSMs narrative just like my post didnt fit yours. You see? Oh and fox news is still MSM and answers to the same corperate master as BBC. Think for yourselves reasearch everything. And so what if trump’s Tulsa rally was a complete screw up, why find the need to defend even that. You people get more bizarre every day.

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    fantastic service. order arrived within time stated. T-Shirt loved by my partner thank you

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