God knows why people cant just put there hand over there mouth Trump lock him up shirt science it’s just common sense,that’s why all the stuff spreads. Yeah and in this case the dude didn’t raise his voice, didn’t call her any names, nothing. He was just like, do you mind covering your mouth like that’s it. Then she gets her back up and all defensive. She could’ve just said sorry, my bad, but no she’s apparently the victim. Yes but she’s doing it on purpose. She keeps doing it. How many people do you know that coughs once and that’s it. Strange assumption to make.

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She keeps doing it in his face Trump lock him up shirt. She should cover her mouth doesn’t matter how many times she did it. She was antagonising, argumentative and ignorant. He was so calm. I would be flipping out. There would be police. For sure. Coronavirus or not, when you cough or sneeze you cover your mouth! It’s called having manners. A simple I’m terribly sorry would have resulted in a no worries and everyone would’ve gotten on with their day. But this disgusting human couldn’t even muster up the decency to do that, which should be expected because she didn’t have the decency to cover that food-shovin’-hole she calls a mouth.

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    Product was excellent quality and arrived early, in very good quality packaging

  2. Sara Howe (verified owner)

    I’m very sorry to learn you received the wrong size for your item.

  3. Jeffrey Harrington (verified owner)

    Arrived swiftly and happy with purchase

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    Ordering was very easy and shipping was fast. Product arrived earlier than expected and the t-shirt was a better, thicker quality than I expected which means it should last a lot longer.

  5. Shanda Dornburg (verified owner)

    The T-shirt was really poor quality for the price of £21, and also was just too small. They refused to refund because this is supposed to be a ‘tailored-made’ t-shirt, what a joke!

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