If people didn’t go to zoos then they would be shut down and that would be an excellent idea Treat her right shirt. Zoos aught to be locked for ever and animals be released as now humans know more about being caged. Instead of you humans are in Locke’s right now I think so, you have to visiting them is practical. Course then we cut down the trees and destroy their habitats. Animals should not be kept in zoos, this is cruel and unethical. Go to forest and watch animals, these animals need a safe heaven where they can roam free. All zoos and circuses must close for good. Animal belong to nature not prison for the entertainment of humans to make them animals work as slaves for profit. If they need protection make more sanctuaries but never a zoo.

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These riots and violence did not just erupt Treat her right shirt. The violence started when a man was crushed to death. The violence started with the cops. You solve nothing by ignoring the underlying problem. Keep ignoring people’s pain this is what you get. Yeah that whole thing about black lives matter goes out the windows the second you start burning fellow African American businesses and hurt people that have nothing to do with this. The message is gone. The criminals used this as an excuse to loot burn and riot. So when you hurt yourself you’re only causing more people’s pain. I wish people would use their brains.

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