The Queen has dedicated her whole life to this country and is still working in her Topeka strong support local shirt. I can’t believe some of the horrible comments here. Absolutely disgusting to be honest. And these will all be the people who were out celebrating her Jubilee etc. Dedicated her whole life getting money out of this country so that she and her overly extended family could live a life of luxury. You can always rely on the keyboard terrorists to poke up an argument. She’s actually created more money generated in here than she’s spent. Reading some of these nasty comments on here, makes you realise just how many, nasty, spiteful, full of hatred ppl there are.

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She may do royal visits and yes that exhausting for an elderly Topeka strong support local shirt however she has home help, chefs and lives lavishly. She also has a lot of discussions with her advisors and the Prime Minister. She stays very aware of what’s happening in the country. She still attends engagements, award ceremonies and the Queen’ s garden parties. Often has several engagements a day and goes through all the political papers EVERY day and she’s in her 90s! Prime ministers from all parties agree she is more knowledgeable than any of them and her advice is always valued.

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