Stop with the virus fear campaign You think I’m cute get otter here shirt. Here is a question for you crisis manufacturing bums. Who many people in Africa or even Kenya are going to stave to death because of these lock downs. In this situation there is blood on your coin stained hands. Good god, get a vaccine quickly. Countries that manage to get on top of the virus must do as much as they can to stop Africa getting overwhelmed by it. This is a collective fight. I really hope this article is wrong. When the world plan major events, Africa’s always aside. We urge the world to remain constant their approach as for COVID19 as well. BBC, better focus on UK, Africa’s too huge for Ubto handle.

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He will never allow your projections to come to pass You think I’m cute get otter here shirt so far the pandemic has not escalated the way it was projected. Besides, is this the reason WHO rejected the herbal remedy from Madagascar just because it wants it’s prophecy to come to pass? I am beginning to see things in Trump’s view about this WHO. People should stop predicting and causing panic. All these experts are just looking for recognition. Just shut up.

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