There is a roomer that the communist government of That’s what I do I read elephant shirt released this to punish the Chinese people for the riots. I’m guessing it’s fake news but it’s outraging a lot of people. We don’t blame China we blame the communist regime. We can’t blame any country, the biggest mistake has been made by world leaders who called back their nationals from China, as china asked every international not to go back to their country, and now look at the results, these are like a bad dreams, We must need to stay at home. There is no other option. I see this in my own way and I don’t defend what they did I’m absolutely angry by it. They way we handled this feels like an attack on my people.

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We don’t blame you’re country we blame your government That’s what I do I read elephant shirt. How you can blame, China Government fight with it, you can blame other Countries governments who called back their nationals from China. I fully agree I blame my government for not locking down our sea locked borders at the first sign of this. We are different to every member of the Eu on the grounds our borders aren’t land locked they are sea locked. It’s the very reason hitler wanted my country for his elite. As I tell people it deffo wasn’t for the weather. An advantage we failed to exploit when we had the opportunity.

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