My work is school transport driver Texas home of sasquatch shirt, what your wanting is me losing my income, thanks for your concern. I could potentially lose my business! I run a salon. Its quiet very very quiet yet we still have overheads to find. My business is my only source of income so if it continues I’m potentially screwed. I have a google about the symptoms and illness, the damage left to lungs if you survive it and then decide if you’re bothered or not. Not quite sure what to think about that comment. Don’t understand why they are closing schools, all those children and parents will only go to all the shopping centre’s, so the viruses will still spread.

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You would avoid shops also Texas home of sasquatch shirt, us with common sense would avoid big public areas. They should lock down everything at the same time otherwise it doesn’t makes sense. They won’t all go. Plus, a shopping centre is a better bet than a sealed classroom. Exactly what will happen, shopping centres and parks if its good weather. As long as less than 100% go, stay for less than 8 hours and don’t sit next to each other in a sealed room for the entire time, it will be an improvement.

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  1. Jeffrey Harrington (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery, good quality t-shirt really happy with the communication throughout the order process

  2. Marjorie J Russow (verified owner)

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    Have just received my replacement tee shirt…. it fits perfect and will love wearing it.all I can say is Thankyou to you for a great after sales service… regards Gloria xx

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