More spending means more Testing shark doo doo doo shirt. I thought that was only what Labour do, at least that’s what the National Debt tripling Tories have always told us the irony. Hang on, didn’t the Labour party promised to borrow less and were vilified for it. Yet the Tories are borrowing another 660billion on top of the 2 trillion they have already borrowed. But that’s okay right. No matter what comes out in the budget, the doomer and gloomers, the remoaners and the Liebour brigade will moan and groan and wring their hands and blame everybody and everything other than the person in the mirror.

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As with election manifestos every budget will have a number of promises for the Testing shark doo doo doo shirt. My idea is if less than 60% of those are kept we get a automatic general election. It would stop the major parties lying to us. 40 hour a week nobs for people who need to work every day stop letting large companys only give 12 or 16 hour contracts. Talk is cheap. Does this government have a history of delivering anything good. That they are lies. Because they are coming from their mouths.

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