Yes so while all the shops are closed Teaching rocks thing 1 and thing 2 shirt and everyone is indoors well let all the crims out to have a free for all. Exactly but yet construction workers and factory workers and all the other ones still have to work while there allowed out and about crazy. Many are in prison for fines or not paying TV licences. The serious thieves and violent criminals should of course be kept locked up but keeping them all in will add to the burden on the NHS once they all start getting it – and what about the staff and their families. Oh wait sorry think I misunderstood you as in you mean people out of prison or the people that have got to stop working.

Teaching rocks thing 1 and thing 2 shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt

Teaching rocks thing 1 and thing 2 Hoodie


Teaching rocks thing 1 and thing 2 Ladies tee

Ladies tee

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would have thought they the safest Teaching rocks thing 1 and thing 2 shirt. Providing the workers get tested and stringent precautionary procedures put in place. In the future, inmates will be the luckiest people. People will run to the mountains and forests in desperation for isolation but only few will make it. They are safer isolated inside, conditions and movement can be controlled. Instead of just releasing why not get them helping out. There must be plenty the low risk offenders can do to help out in these times.

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