Levelling up and obviously giving the Teachers love summer shirt ladies what they stole from us obviously I meant borrowed off us , thankyou we await our cheques. That was a Labour initiative. It was not stolen ,there is no state pension pot ,pensions are paid for by those still working. Like in the past men had to work a extra 5 years to help to pay for your previliage to retire at 60. Doesn’t matter who’s initiative it was, give us our retirement. I also think it is unfair to expect men to work more years than women. We didn’t did we. They took that priviliage. Where’s it all coming from even Labour didn’t promise that much.

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Too bloody late I worked in local government for Teachers love summer shirt in a manual roll till they outsourced us. We were told the future was bright in the private sector, within 3 years we had all been made redundant. It’s a good job they made some tough spending choice in the last couple of years imagine if labour had maxed out the credit card and then faced this situation. When it actually comes the time for the investment we’ll be told the money isn’t avaliable. We fall for it every time.

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