You’re a brave man to come on social media and say that at the moment, Teach For The Culture Shirt. I applaud your courage and honesty. Key word here is he was homophobic the rest are just accusations used to hide the real agenda. They are also choosing which part of his quote to use when he’s referring to Mine Kempft. They are leaving off the last bit where he is quoted as saying that the ideas and suggestions hilter makes in the book are interesting and a good idea. But he condemns hitler for not practicing what he preaches. I’ve never read hitlers book and I don’t intend too, but given what he did and the ideals he practiced, in guessing that those ideals aren’t in the book happy to be corrected. Baden Powell fought for the U.K. and has a list of medals and honours as long as my arm.

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Actually he did not fight in Teach For The Culture Shirt, the King told him that running the Scouts was far too valuable, and that he was to stay where he was. Keep the scouts but ditch the founder. Has to be the most hypocritical thing written. Surely one follows the other. That’s what they don’t like. The children ought to be indoctrinated properly with views that change every week. So we should erase our history because you dont like it. How about let’s keep it and teach our children of the narrow minded fools of the past. Or we run the risk of them becoming offended by everything like yourself.

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