You’re missing the point. A healthy economy is for all of us- through taxation it funds our public services Taekwondo Unicorn cute but dangeous shirt. Where do you think that money comes from. The government doesn’t have money- except the money we pay in. I got the point entirely, but thanks for the condescending reply. I have faith and belief in children, when I do it I will be happy to justify how to you, you never know you may learn something too. As a teacher of almost 20yrs I’m happy for you to show me how it can be done, as are the teaching unions and lots of my colleagues. Crack on.

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You elect clowns, you get a circus Taekwondo Unicorn cute but dangeous shirt. All this does is tell you exactly how expendable they think the working classes are, yes even those who stupidly voted Tory at the last election. It’s a shame the comments appear party political now. Its clear what Boris ment’ Tory, confusing everyone else. In a national crisis and when the opposition are offering to work with the government, this could have been handled so much better. Little or no PPE and as a consequence lots of elderly dying unnecessarily.

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