I was talking about this today T-rex I am unstoppable shirt. I want a paupers funeral. Its the law we have to be buried or burned. I dont want to give an extortionate amount of money to an undertaker to dispose of my body. Its about time we all spoke out about the money people have to spend. I have a directive and donation card, organs, eyes, tissue, limbs. My mother had RA her entire life, taking gold injections and Methotrexate. Donation wasn’t an option for her and isn’t for millions of people. The council will track down relatives and the charge will have to be paid by them.

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I am a grandma T-rex I am unstoppable shirt and I have already donated my empty shell to the anatomy board. The cheapest and easiest is to donate the entire body to a medical school. They wouldn’t want mine. The difference could be: the 6 years later, and the time of need. It is certainly cheaper to prepay than to wait until someone has died. My dad, who is alive, bought his $400 program at the same time. Maybe they got a discount. My mother was not eligible for medical donation and millions of people do not want that. Native Americans are one such group.

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    Great t shirts , very fast delivery, well recommended

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