I get your point, but would suggest that as the virus can be present for upto I believe Sweet cream cake stop hating start baking shirt, days without symptoms I would take issue with your claim, visitors, and new prisoners are just as likely to have introduced the virus. prisoners are only allowed to be locked up for hours a day and need 1 hour exercise minimum, they also have social time, and do work some of which even happens outside the prison. Your mental picture of prisoners in cells is I’m afraid a little short of the actuality. Great so that they can break in the houses of old and vulnerable people who have no defense while in isolation.

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You know they’re talking about non-violent offenders right Sweet cream cake stop hating start baking shirt. Like people who couldn’t afford to pay a speeding ticket or their buddy had a little weed in their pocket in the car. Actually, to everyone negative, i do agree that there must be things that they can do to pro actively clean and do their best to ensure safety. But equally,every human, deserves a fignting chance. And what about trying to cut down the virus amongst us that hasn’t committed crime and putting our lives at risk. This is what I’ve just got to say

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