Esther Blackburn-Harris Actually Boris didn’t say essential. He said to travel ‘only where this is Surround yourself with those who make you happy Shirt and can’t be done from home’ This can be interpreted very differently. Claire Elizabeth Ailsa Macpherson I do understand the seriousness. Ive self isolated the last 3 weeks but hubby gone to work as his boss hasnt closed the company. There’s new houses going up on our road, bet the builders will be there tomorrow. Is that essential? Its all very vague, with company bosses making the decisions, not the workers. Jamie Blevins, I’m self-employed I plan to finish the bathroom I’m at (otherwise they’ll have no shower or toilet) and then stay at home, it will be tough but not as tough as burying a loved one, as they say health is wealth.

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Craig Harrison Ailsa Macpherson it didn’t say, key workers, it said essential work. Essential workers would be those that cannot work from home but provide essential goods or services ie pharmaceutical manufacturing would be essential work as the workers are not key ie emergency services but without their work there would be significant problems. Lucy Watts Jarrad Davies yes but unfortunately, Matthew still needs to find some way of feeding himself, and his family. It is easy enough to say, well don’t go in, but if the government isn’t offering financial support, then he has got to find a way of making some money to live off. Craig Harrison Kieran McCreedy clearly didn’t read the article, the essential worker does not mean key worker. A key worker is like the emergency services and an essential would be one that significantly impact others for example a warehouse worker for a food company or pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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