Good luck to them Superhero New York Yankees father’s day shirt. We cannot stop people from making bad choices but ensure we stick to what keeps you & your family safe. Sadly, very poor leadership. Ultimately, every man or women for themselves. Where is the humanity. How dare these people live their life how they want. Maybe they are all healthy with no underlying medical conditions. Not everyone is high risk. These people on here having a fit are probably the same ones that refuse to get the flu shot, smoking, or getting fat off fastfood. Just focus on taking care of your own health. OMG people living normally and not in fear enjoying themselves. How dare they do this it’s a disgrace.

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This is a clear example of why some decisions Superhero New York Yankees father’s day shirt and controls cant be democratic and please a majority. Unfortunatly, authoritarian practices are needed in situations like this. With a dishonest and self centered liar in the White House and a very divided population what could you expect. If the US voters don’t vote him out, the USA will have lost whatever credibility it had. These people have the freedom to do this I only hope that the hospitals could also deny anybody that knowingly infected themselves like that! Just because you want to go out and get sick doesn’t give you the right to kill a healthcare worker because of your indignation.

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