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Sounds like coercive control to me and Sunflower faith hope love shirt. Has this community been investigated. Ofsted wouldn’t necessarily pick up on this. I feel for those who have been psychologically affected by their experience and I genuinely hope they find the healing and peace they need and deserve. The legacy of these things can be devastating. I grew up exactly like this. There’s a lot of us just living modern ish lives and no one knows. I thought I’d lose my family when I left and I did not. I’m lucky. Pretty little girls and boys should never never never have to suffer. So sad. What is this bad attitude all about. Revisiting the Bible in Order to to have a perfect description of the future is what you call bad attitude. Or the upcoming song I writes everything my life goes through.

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I visited here in Sunflower faith hope love shirt for work purposes. They were a very welcoming community who lead the way in providing early years resources throughout the UK and beyond. I can only comment on the business aspect of the community but can say that they have always appeared to be open and committed to providing quality. Controlling people form cults, as all they want to do is to control and use others per this story. All their evil deeds eventually come out, lock them up and throw away the key. There is concept of holy water and other ways to control evil or devil, why not apply to get relief.

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