It is anything but peaceful Sunflower faith can move shirt. It was peaceful for a few days then like you said the opportunists/anarchists infiltrated the protesting groups. Now cities are burning. The racist cop is in jail, but cities will continue to burn unless such anarchists are rooted out. Fighting for change is needed, unfortunately, violence is many times resorted to out of anger and rage. This is a time of much unrest. The lives of the world have been changed in just a few months. Loss of jobs, sickness/death from pandemic and having to isolate from friends and loved ones. I feel like this is comparable to what Job experienced. I pray that we can have the faith of Job to survive the current times and then receive the tremendous blessings from God.

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I found the death of this guy unacceptable Sunflower faith can move shirt. But now these people are putting themselves on the wrong side. Never answer to violence with more violence. The protesters have been taken over by lawless criminals- totally undermining their cause. This is only antagonising the system- Quiet, dignified protests would have so much more impact for positive change. I live near the White House, wasn’t that bad. Most of the protest was peaceful. Police or secret security need to stop using rubber bullets, it’s dangerous and unnecessary.

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