Police cars have had Molotov cocktails thrown at them while cops are inside Sunflowe elephant Blessed to be called Mimi shirt. Many cops have had their heads split open by bricks being thrown. Hundred of small minority owned businesses destroy or burned to the ground. Just a few incidents I’ve noticed. Media does not report the whole story. They instead report the one thing that will cause more hatred. Many ppl fall for it. That, makes the media happy. Have you seen any of the videos of cops full of blood from being hit with a brick? Stop just stop blaming this on all cops. There are good cops and bad cops. There are good protesters and bad protesters. Period.

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If you don’t have empathy for the way Blacks have been oppressed for so many decades Sunflowe elephant Blessed to be called Mimi shirt, it’s an uphill job trying to make you see how years of appalling injustice is a factor in this pent up rage exploding now. You just can’t put yourself in their shoes even though you love your family. As a parent, isn’t it a horrible life to worry if your children will come home safely when you don’t know if the very people entrusted to watch over their safety may just pull the trigger on your children.

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